The Perfect. Eden. Imperfect.

According to the Christian holy book and Judaic traditions, God created man and placed him in a mystical abode called, ‘Eden’. Some say Eden symbolizes birth – ‘a new beginning’. Whatever it is, it was an ecosystem set up to support some form of physical existenceand it was deemed,’perfect’ – at least that’s what we are made to believe.

if Eden was the perfect abode, then why was it filled with so many imperfections? Imperfections in the system made to exploit the imperfect nature of its inhabitants. Imperfections that allowed bugs (or should we say serpents?) a free hand with no antivirus or pest control in sight?

Does that go to further reinforce the fact that nothing is totally perfect or is it an affirmation of another school of thought that the concept of perfection is only achievable relative to what an individual perceives as perfect in a given environment? I.e. There is no perfect definition of perfection.

The concept of perfection is bounded by the limits of what an individual considers perfect. Or is perfection a society determined moral construct in which the plenty dictate for the individual?

Was Eden a perfect system because it did what it ought to do by exposing the fallibility of man or because individual parts of its system worked as planned? Or was it imperfect because man failed in it despite it being a ‘supposed’ safe haven?

Whatever perspective we choose to look at it from, perfection can be achieved based on what you or the environment as the case may be, deems perfect.

Set your targets, strive to achieve them and then set higher targets the next time. Perfection is achievable time and over again.

Happy New Year. BE perfect!

#random #rants #opinion #sixthview

‘il Cicero’


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