Beware of “Self” Thieves!!!

Why do we have passwords? For security, safety or privacy I guess. Same reason why I need a key to access my car, house or office. Same reason why some sites suggest you use more than 8 alphanumeric characters to access your personal profile. Same reason why a bank advises customers to keep their PIN secret and safe.

If I may imply, your password is meant to be difficult to avoid infiltration or theft of different forms; money, ideas, property of even self. Self??? Yes SELF, the only thing we fail to protect. We have sophisticated passwords for our mail boxes, hard pin combinations for safes and high tech keys for our houses but grant everyone free access to self, the real thing that truly defines who we are.

Unfortunately theft of every sort is punishable by law except that of self. It is neither legal nor illegal and so there is no law giver or keeper. “Every man for himself”, I guess. Little wonder, children leave their parents in one piece but return in pieces, our friends become enemies and our family, foes.

The thieves are everywhere, fiancé, boss or the person sitting next to you. Their words, actions and inactions affect us so much, we become subject to their wishes and commands. We flair up, burst in anger at a comment, the passenger hurls insults at the bus driver because of her “change”, a loving mother slaps her only daughter in public, your boss makes a statement that discourages and depresses you, and she commits suicide because she was jilted.

Rather than scream…Ole Ole (thief in yoruba), we would prefer to lie in the comfort of our weaknesses and find a reason to act abnormally. With time, they sniff out all that remains of our good or real self and then blame us for granting them access, which is not wrong.

My “self” is mine and not for public use. if I must keep my “self” safe, I must protect it better than other tangibles that are worthless in comparison to self esteem, worth and image.

To thyself, be true

To thyself, be faithful

To thyself, be good.


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