Of Walking And Dreams (via Afrosays)

Dreams… Dreams… Dreamssss… I remember concoting those dreams of grandiose plans and heroics… i remember having to build and redesign my house in the most minimalist of fashions… i remember losing concentration in class erry’time planning how i’d be like one of those bad ass guys in Tom Clancy’s novels… i remember having to tell my boss to f**k up cos im leaving – that was only just yesterday whilst driving home… if only…if only… my dreams would just reach out and touch me… not just a few, but everything! Then, i would have no need to want more than my dreams could afford…

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Of Walking And Dreams Hello all. I know it's been a while. I have no half-hearted apologies to render, it was for the good of all. This here is a story I'm working on. Working on, because I'd like to develop it. This is a draft I enjoyed writing. I hope you enjoy reading too. The gong I beat is mellow. Faint and nostalgic. Dreamy. Listen for the underlying strings, the strums of the return. Listen. [caption id="attachment_868" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption=" … Read More

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