Thursday Musings: “LUCK”

‘LUCK’ is from the pen of the intense and equally beautiful Kiah (see her blog here: She would be a contributor to our new Thurday Musings. So watch out and keep a tab on new posts, updates and info by subscribing to this blog


Yes they did. And, did time prove them all wrong or what? There is nothing lucky about love.

Andrew is the luckiest guy you know. He bought his first car at eighteen. While you and the others in the gang scoured the streets of Lagos searching for jobs, he got called up by an oil company he randomly applied to and forgot all about. He was the first to buy a house – in Ikoyi of all places.

Andrew had many firsts. Marriage was one of them. Divorce was another. You remember his messy divorce details. The tabloids had been full of them. He had smiled through it all and everyone had been fooled that the divorce was really want he wanted. Only you knew how he had cried like a baby in your arms the day the court approved the separation of properties, money and lives. How he had looked you in the eye and said ‘I would trade it all to have her back’. You still saw him last month at the bar drowning his sorrows in tumblers of beer and the boobies of a new girl. There is nothing lucky about love.

Your mind wanders to Fehintola and Tari. You think about all the times you envied them their luck at finding each other. Fehintola…the woman you almost married. If only your buddy hadn’t got there first. Fehintola, every man’s dream. Think Naomi Campbell and multiply everything by ten and you would have Fehintola. Tari…everything a woman would want. Rich, handsome, charming. You had lost count the number of times you caught your wife staring at him. They had it all, luck included. Somehow it wasn’t enough.

Fehintola called you yesterday. She was in the hospital. ‘I fell down the stairs’ she said. You said nothing as you helped her to the car and held her while she cried. Yes, Tari was everything any woman would want on the outside. The inside harbored a monster you never knew existed. The same Tari that was every bully’s dream in primary school. Tari who wouldn’t raise a fist in answer to taunts had somehow evolved into this man who descended into violence when all else failed.

‘Leave him’, you had pleaded with Fehintola at the hospital. She had shook her head slowly and asked you to drive her to home to Tari. There might be something stupid about love but there is nothing lucky about it.

Luck had run out you and Amezie a couple of times too. Maybe a lot more times than most of the others. Who knows, maybe it was the fact that luck left you both so early on that had kept you together for this long. Who understands these things? Its better to leave life to act out its script. For to understand would be insanity.

You remember the fear in her eyes when the Doctor said she would never walk again. You can almost taste the guilt you felt from blocking out her pleas about driving that night. You weren’t drunk, you had insisted. Just tipsy. Semantics had left your bride a cripple. You remember how she had to stop working and how your sole income was never enough. You remember the time you found her unconscious after swallowing so many pills.

Luck had run out on you and Amezie like a faithless friend. All you had was each other. Sometimes you didn’t even have her. You had you and that was it.

Yes they had called you both the lucky ones. One a cripple, the other barely able to meet the needs of his family.

She took her first steps in nine years yesterday. You can still hear the sounds of her laughter when she felt what it was like to feel the weight of her children on her laps for the first time. Faith, hope, resilience, love were all in the room with you as she took those steps. Luck took the back door out a long time ago.

You turn off the lights in the living room and give a toast to luck with the dregs of your wine cup. Its your 13th anniversary tomorrow. You make your way to the bed where she sleeps. You kneel beside her and pray to God. May luck stay away from you. You are doing just fine without it.


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