The Fall of a CHAMPION!!!

She was once a beauty
A pretty damsel, she was
Always looking radiant and gorgeously dressed
In her red leather jacket with a white wool scarf around her neck
Her skin, as smooth as silk
Her body, amazing; her curves, perfect
Her name was Opal, a jewel with distinction

She was special
She was my pride, my companion, my all
She brought me joy, led me to victory and made me famous
Strong, tough and dogged, never ready to give up until she wins
She was loved by all and admired by many

Victory is sweet, winning brings pride
But the taste of many defeats is sour
A name once known, now a subject of shame
There she goes, lying amongst dirt and covered in dust
Behold my boxing gloves! lying fallow in a filthy box

Winning was all I ever knew
I was feared by my opponents, and loved by my fans
One round and the battle is won, sometimes two to make it fun
A conqueror was I until the day I entertained a strange visitor

Fear crept in at night and left me with defeat by sunrise
Victory fled, the fans left
Leaving only I and my shadow
My past became a dream, my present became real
I looked in the mirror and saw no image

Time even though moves swiftly, leaves trails
Trails that brings the past in view
Trails that speaks volume if thoroughly searched
Trails that reminds me that there lived a champion
Trails that reminds me that the sun rises after it sets

I’ll arise and pick up my gloves
I’ll dust and polish her and restore her former glory
I’ll fight again until my tongue tastes the sweetness of victory
And my ears become flooded with the shouts and cheers of the arena
I am a Champion, I shall not quit


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