the Sixth View #17 – The ‘MASK’ of Beauty!

On Women and Beauty, their image and what defines their looks: The society has imposed obligations on women to wear a ‘mask’ at all times without which they run the risk of not being seen as ‘real women’.. if all women were created beautifully, then why do they need to wear that mask which now defines them…

The SixthView by Cicero
On Women and Beauty… The Sixth View by Cicero #17

  “Women are beautiful sex. Who doubts it? …Just as all men are created equal, all women are created beautiful.” – Una Stannard (1971)

This mask is the irony of Una’s beautiful quote! The “Mask of Beauty”!… In simpler terms, society, most especially through the media, have ensured that the true nature of being perceived as a ‘woman’ can hardly be achieved without donning a mask of beauty.



 Further Reading: The Mask of Beauty (Essay by Una Stannard); Not-so-Myths (Blog post by TheToolsman)



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